About me

Hallo, I am Sandra: The Coaching Artist.

I am a freelance digital artist and coach who helps other creatives to reach their full potential.

Drawing has always been my passion. But not only that: I have always loved to structure things, to help people, especially to teach people and to advise them, to write, to read, etc. In addition to that, I prefer to deal with personal development, psychology and anatomy – so many interests!

For a long time I had problems with this versatility – even a few years ago I was severely depressed. I just couldn’t see myself in a classic 9-5-job or even in ONE job with a future. I wanted to do everything and didn’t get ahead at all.

Only when I accepted that I was interested in many things and that the classic way was not for me did I move forward. Only when I went in search of myself did I find my own way and I know how painful, lonely and confusing it can feel.

Therefore I would like to support other creative people to find their own way and to reach their goals. I would like to offer a holistic view and teaching, which is almost completely missing in the educational system. In addition to hard skills, which artists need (How do I use program X, learn to draw, etc.), to hard skills, which are strongly neglected in the system (How do I market myself as an artist? How do I deal with my finances? etc.), up to the really important, reflective questions and soft skills that few teachers ask: Who are you and who do you want to be? How do you deal well with stress? How do you build effective habits that help you achieve success? How do I define success for myself? Questions that affect life at its core.

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